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William Haggart grew up in Glen Rock N.J. a small suburb of New York. As a young boy he and his best friend would ride the old Erie-Lacawana line (witch in those days was still using steam powered locomotives) into Hoboken then cross over to the city by ferry.There he would wander the city staring with fascination at the men and machines that were working high above on the tall buildings.

His interest in construction and machines never waned and at the age of 19 he took a job with a construction company. A year later he was drafted into the Marine corps.It was during his tour in Vietnam that he developed an interest in photography.He was never without his camera close at hand and joked that he was too busy taking pictures to actually fire his rifle.

The letters he sent home would always be accompanied by rolls of undeveloped film which he hoped would help to frame the story he was living thousands of miles away.

After serving his country he returned home and resumed his job with the construction company.He continued taking pictures as a hobby,shooting what ever interested him.

The father of one of his best friend was a steel worker at the WTC site and invited William to join him on numerous occasions.While there he wandered among-st the workers and heavy equipment snapping photos.

William has a knack for capturing that special effect that keeps you interest (like a good book) you will never get bored.Each picture has a story behind it.The quality and detail of his photos are superb.

Thank you for taking the time to read his biography, he will be posting many more great photographs every week. He has over 300 images of the WTC which he will post when time allows.

These images do not belong to the public domain and may not be used for any purpose without permission.All artwork in this portfolio are copyrighted and owned by the artist,William Haggart all rights reserved.Licensing is available upon request, please e-mail for pricing most of my prices for licensing are now on Pixels.com


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